Tuesday, May 5, 2009



alessandra said...

this looks so tasty! love it!

Josh Garlick said...


The pear and apple are especially realistic!
I work in the produce section at my local supermarket now, so that says something ;).

Gabby Zapata said...

wooohooo! :D full of awesomeness!

Francesco Giroldini said...

Good texturing on the bananas and on the grapes!
The candles to the left might be too bright, also they dont seem to be casting any light on the surrounding elements, you might try to tone down the lighting on the room and use these candles as light sources.
Also you might want to try and give a sense of contact between the bowl and the table, right now the grapes seem to be floating and in general the fruits don't seem to be sitting on the bowl.
if u start adding shadows, make sure to add a fill light to them in order to keep them from desaturating your colors.
overall the room seems to be too bright and its lighting seems to be flat