Friday, November 2, 2007

Toy Project

Meet Grandmother Time... she comes with two detachable heads, both the "alive" head and the "dead" head. Watch her watch time waste away. Make her die over and over again! Rearrange the living room! This toy features realistic mobility - or rather, a lack of mobility in the legs. Enjoy countless hours of fun as you grow closer to death yourself!

Ages 14-60


Avner Geller said...

nice! looks graet Amalia I like the packaging and the name you gave it. The kid who plays this will definitely have issues in the future... my only comment is the hands... just a bit more detail wouldn't harm :)

Amalia said...

hahah. yeah my next toy will have to be a therapist doll. And thanks, now that I have more time I will definitely fix the hands.. :)

a.s.o.mariani said...

i want one!
i wish she came with like a vintage tv or summat so i could watch cheesy spanish soap operas with her!
...but maybe that would be come in an expansion pack..?

Betsy Bauer said...

Your toy was definitely the best in class! Awesome job on everything. The hidden death head still makes me laugh. :)