Sunday, July 1, 2007

Amalia... now on Blogger!!

So I figured I should probably start a blog for my art and all. Or at least my new artist lifestyle. Moving to Ringling is going to be a dramatic change. Hopefully not too much drama involved, because I really can't stand drama at all. Anyway, I'm so excited for college!! The best thing about it is that i'm excited for the work. I know i'll like people there already. I've met a lot of sweet people already. It's a cool feeling to be excited for the work that you're doing in school. It's a new concept for me. hah... Anyway, I just got the TSB and I finished my 2 pages.. now I have to add my pic and i still don't really know where the heck it's supposed to go. I don't have stuff to use for adheisive for the calendar and title.. so i might have to forget that and just pass it on so I don't keep anyone waiting. BUT.. surprise surprise.. i'm leaving for Sterling Heights tomorrow and won't be back til the 5th. Then I plan on meeting Robert and just passing along the TSB to him on the 7th. ORrr i might send it to him today so he can start.. then when we meet up we can collaborate. lol.. hmm.. good deal i think i'll do that.